Terms of Service

This service agreement dates from acceptance of Anyfil Skip Bins’ quote. The parties to this agreement are you (the customer) and Anyfil Skip Bins Pty Ltd.

1 The Service
Anyfil Skip Bins delivers and removes a skip bin/s from the agreed address stated in the official quote, and to the conditions stated in the quote and this agreement.

2 Agreed Fees and Charges
You pay the quoted price to Anyfil Skip Bins on acceptance of the official quote. By accepting the quote you are also authorising Anyfil Skip Bins to change additional fees to your credit card in accordance with this Service Agreement. You also authorise these addition fees as a separate transaction.
If your fee payment is not received or is rejected, then this agreement will terminate immediately.

3 Penalty Fees and Charges
You agree to pay Anyfil Skip Bins overdue payment fees calculated $10 and costs to recover overdue accounts, such as legal and administrative fees. Any payment received will firstly be paid against any penalty fees.
Anyfil Skip Bins is entitled to list your default/s with relevant credit reference organisations, which you acknowledge may affect your credit rating.

4 Good and Services Tax (GST)
All fees are inclusive of GST.

5 Agreed Quote Cancellation or Variation
You acknowledge that a cancellation or variation to an accepted quote no less than 24 hours prior to the skip delivery date may incur a $100 cancellation fee. Anyfil Skip Bins also have the right to refuse or recalculate fees on variations to the accepted quote.

6 Payment Security
This site uses an industry standard Comodo SSL Certificate for the encryption of credit card details.

7 Skip Use
When an Anyfil Skip Bins’ skip is in your possession you must not, unless you have written permission from Anyfil Skip Bins:
(a) light fires or burn rubbish in the skip;
(b) use the skip to dispose of dangerous or hazardous materials, including acids, solvents, minerals, greases or liquid concrete;
(c) fill the skip in such a way as to cause spillage in transit;
(d) move the skip to a location not specified in the agreed quote; or
(e) use the skip for illegal purposes.

7.1 Asbestos removal
The fines are exceptionally heavy if correct procedures are not followed for asbestos removal. Please follow these instructions;

1. The bin must be completely lined with black industrial plastic on all sides and base.
2. Place asbestos in and completely seal all edges with silver duct tape.
3. No other waste is to be placed in the bin.

Failure to comply with these procedures will incur additional fees.
You agree to:
(a) make the skip(s) available for collection by Anyfil Skip Bins on the agreed collection date;
(b) give Anyfil Skip Bin 24 hours notice of any extension required;
(c) give Anyfil Skip Bins permission to collect the skip(s) immediately and without notice if we believe the skip is being improperly used or abandoned;
(d) allow any skip(s) in breach of this agreement to remain at the delivery address, until any issues have been resolved.
You will be responsible for the skip(s) until an inspection is made by Anyfil Skip Bins.

8 Your rights on non-delivery
If Anyfil Skip Bins does not deliver your skip bin, other than reasons specified in the agreement, than you will receive the bin at a new agreed date for the already agreed fee. If you no longer require the skip all penalty fees are wavered.

9 Guarantees
Anyfil Skip Bins provide due care with its skip bin service to industry standards. All other guarantees are excluded from this agreement.

10 Risk
You will be liable to Anyfil Skip Bins for any damage to the skip(s) while in your possession.

11 Dispute Resolution
You must give written notice to Anyfil Skip Bins if a dispute arises, specifying the cause of the dispute (Notice).
On receipt of the notice Anyfil Skip Bins will seek to resolve the dispute using mediation, expert evaluation or determination or other techniques agreed by both parties.

12 Termination of Agreement
You or Anyfil Skip Bins may terminate an agreement immediately by notice in writing if:
(a) the other party breaches this agreement’s terms and the breach is not remedied within 14 days of notice;
(b) the other party commits an Act of Insolvency; or
(c) the other party ceases or threatens to cease normal business practices.
In the event of such termination you must pay Anyfil Skip Bins the fees incurred prior to termination.

13 Linking
Anyfil Skip Bins’ website may include links to third-party materials. You acknowledge any links are made for your convenience. Anyfil Skip Bins does not endorse or is in any way responsible for the content. Anyfil Skip Bins is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from access to a linked site.

14 Privacy
Any details you provide Anyfil Skip Bins will be handled in accordance with all relevant Australian and New South Wales privacy laws.

15 Changes to Service Agreement
Anyfil Skip Bins may alter this agreement at any time. You agree to regularly access the website to review changes and be bound by any amended terms of this agreement.

16 Refunds
If you have mistakenly hired the wrong skip bin, and have contacted us via phone, 24 hours prior to Anyfil Skip bins dropping off one our bins, we will refund your purchase, should cancellation be within a 24 hour period, we are not in a position to refund you.

Contact us if you require a clarification of terms or sections in this agreement.